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Why Cool Roof Panels?

Cool Roof’s insulated panel is pre-engineered composite structure made of three layers: a low-density core made up of Polyurethane PUR, Polyisocyanurate PIR or Mineral Wool, and a metal-layer bonded to each side of the core.

Thermal insulation

CoolRoof panel’s inner core (PUR, PIR or Mineral wool) eliminates transfer of heat energy from & to the infrastructure system irrespective of various weather conditions.

faster build

CoolRoof Panels are insulated panels with best locking systems. Construction process is less complicated and is quicker to install, thereby reducing the build time by half compared to on-site assembly method.

sound proofing

CoolRoof Panels ensures no leakage or ensures minimal transmission of sound energy from & to the infrastructure system due to air tight insulation for a quiet environment.

strength & durability

CoolRoof Panels being the composite of 3 layers has higher tensile strength to support bigger surface load with longer lifespan & durability.

Our Approach

Site Inspection

Site inspection includes site visit, restrictions and all other eligibility criterias for smooth functioning of any project from designing to execution and finishing.


Direct contact will be ensured to all clients for any assistance personally regarding the product, its applications and installation procedures. 

Field Service

Field services are ensured while installation of panels and monitored by qualified engineers.

Why choose Cool Roof ?

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